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The Milan RoboCup Team on TV



Soccer robots as a new technology
(Science Festival, Genova. November 2003)

Video clip from the Educational Channel of the National Public TV. Actions, kicks, avoid obstacle, passage (unplanned), on a field with many problems of light (see report here Report on Science Festival in Genova 2003)


Soccer robots as entertainment
(SMAU, Milan. October 2003)

Video Clip from the major soccer TV program broacast in the afternoon by the Italian National Public TV: actions and sketches.


Milan RoboCup Team Qualification Videos



2009 MRT qualification video
(MRT Training Field, Milan. February 2009)

The Milan RoboCup Team qualification video for the participation to 2009 RoboCup World Championship: goal keeping, obstacle avoidance, dribbling the ball, goal scoring, and ball passing.


2006 MRT qualification video
(MRT Training Field, Milan. February 2006)

The Milan RoboCup Team qualification video for the participation to 2006 RoboCup World Championship: localization, obstacle avoidance, dribbling, and goal scoring.



Technical Challenges



First technical challenge
(RoboCup, Bremen, 2006)

In this challenge, the passing capabilities are tested. Ridan pass the ball to Recam which scores an ease goal.


Second technical challenge
(Robocup, Bremen, 2006)

In this second challenge, our robots perform a triangle passage on a large field.






GOAL! (19 Mbyte)
(Robocup, Bremen, 2006)

After an extended action our attacker score a goal against the Japanese team.

Dribble, avoid obstacle and kick (13 Mbyte)
(Robocup, Bremen, 2006)

Avoid obstacle behavior, kick.

The same, but... (10 Mbyte)
(RoboCup, Bremen, 2006)

Strong attack and then...





Our goalkeeper in action (5 Mbyte)
(Robocup, Bremen. 2006)

Rabbiati strongly defends its goal.


Rabbiati goes back home (2 Mbyte)
(Science Festival, Genova. November 2003)

Rabbiati going to its area (not included in the movie the final positioning) from the opposite area in a field with light problems.




Playing against men outside the field
(March 2001)

Rakataa is bull-fighting in the POLIMI-DEI hall, with two students, on a marble floor, with red jumpers around and lighting conditions not exactly as those of a standard Robocup field (notice the reflexes)...




Practising on dribbling
(December 2000)

Rullit is practising on dribbling opponents and kicking in goal.


Practicing on defense
(December 2000)

Rullit in a defensive role. When the ball is far it is taking a position to cover the goal. As the ball gets closer, it starts a more active defensive role, going to the ball.



The first steps
(November 1999)

These were the first steps of Achille, controlled by remote PC.


Playing against a man
(December 2000)

Bull-fighting with a man in the field. The man shows some problems to keep control of the ball. Notice that he always takes the ball from the top, and Roby cannot!



Scientific achievements

The Robot Team