The Ianus3 base

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The bi-directional base IANUS has two independent, central, traction wheels and most of the mass placed on them. The name comes from the Roman God with two faces, since this robot is designed to work indifferently in one of the two main directions. The first versions had been developed by students of the AIRLab at Politecnico di Milano, under the supervision of Andrea Bonarini and Matteo Matteucci. Version 3 has been designed and mounted by Claudio Caccia (AIRLab).


The IANUS 3 bases have two wheels, each actuated by a 70W/12V motor. The wheels are aligned at the center of the body. Kickers are pneumatic and mounted on both front and back.

Behaviors are designed to exploit the possibilities given by the omnidirectional vision system and the intrinsic bi-directionality of the basis.

In the movie here available, some bull-fighting with an old implementation of IANUS 1.0 (Rakataa) in the hall of our Department, under particular light conditions.

Version 2.1 has been implemented as Robaldo and Ribaldo, names then taken by the two new IANUS3 robots.



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