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Rabbiati has been developed by students (Cuzzotti F., Grillo E., Ingrao M., Lucania C.) of the Department of Information, Systems and Communications at Università di Milano - Bicocca, under the supervision of Domenico G. Sorrenti and Fabio Marchese.

Rabbiati has a conventional differential drive kinematics. The motors are Maxxon RE40, 150W/24V. Rabbiati has four caster omnidirectional wheels. The six point of contact with the playground do not turn into a problem, thanks to the proper selection of the material.
Rabbiati maximum speed is a litle bit more than 1.5 m/s, with an accelleration of about 4m/sec2

You may find a movie of the repositioning of the robot starting from the opposite area, here .
Some other movies are here

The scientific aspects which could allow Rabbiati to succesfully perform the tasks represented in the movies above are self-localization, development of behaviors based on Brian, and vision.


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