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Reseghé has been developed by students (E. Colombo e D. Renzi) of the Mechanics Department at Politecnico di Milano, under the supervision of Andrea Bonarini, and it is presently under the lovely attention of Simone Villarà, student at Politecnico di Milano, who has developed its low-level control, fixed some mechanical problems, and developed new behaviors in collaboration with other students.


Reseghé has four Kamro wheels in cross configuration. Two opposite wheels are actuated by two independent 70W/24V motors, while the other two are actuated by a unique 70W/24V motor through a differential gear.

The control is managed by a PMAC board, equipped by a 40MHz DSP processor, able to control up to four motors, kindly provided by the Italian dealer Abaco.

On the body is mounted another 70W/24V motor to actuate a set of rods and cranks, connected to carbonium plates forming the external part of the body. This system makes it possible to change the shape of the external body with the twofold aim of "having the right body for the situation" (e.g., a large body in defense, and a narrow one to sneak among the opponents), and of kicking the ball. The rods are designed to have a quite strong kick (2 m/s) in two opposite directions, and a kick suitable for the passage, in the other two. Unfortunately, the actual implementation does not match the specifications and has to be improved in a next future.

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