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Ringhio has been developed by students (R. Alessandrelli, D. Ferro) of the Mechanics Department at Politecnico di Milano, under the supervision of Andrea Bonarini.

Unfortunately, it does notmatch some Robocup requirements and it has been dedicated to service robotics tasks.


It has three wheels actuated by one 150W/24V motor through a kinematic chain. The three wheels are also connected by a kinematic chain that rotates all of them together (70W/24V motor). The external part of the robot (the "frame") rotates wrt the body where the wheels are mounted (35W/24V motor).

On the frame is also mounted the kicker. It is made of a rotating mass, actuated by a 20W/24V motor, able to launch a bounded bullet against the ball. The mechanism derives from that used to launch the spool in looms. The expected maximum speed of the ball should be about 11 m/sec, and can be modulated by reducing the speed of the rotating mass. The bullet has been done as a plate whose direction can be changed both wrt the vertical and the horizontal axis so to give a direction to the kick.


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