Some companies have kindly provided material or supported the implementation of MRT robots.

MAR-ITA LogoMAR-ITA has realized all the electronic boards (for motor control, for kicking and ball handling) currently used in our robots.
Parravicini LogoParravicini have realized mirrors and other parts of our robots.
Abaco have provided the use of a really nice control board from Delta Tau and motor drivers, together with some discount on Maxxon motors.
Novacart have supported the mechanical development of Reseghé.
Sony Italia have provided some cameras.
Politecnico Innovazione have supported the implementation of robots to be demonstrated at BIAS2002.
ANASTA have supported our participation at SALDAT 2003.
The magazine Focus have supported our participation at the Festival della Scienza 2003 in Genova.
SMAU have supported our participation at SMAU2003 in Milan.
The Dean of Università di Milano - Bicocca, Prof. Marcello Fontanesi, has kindly granted the access to a large room for training from 2001 to 2004.
The Dean of Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Giulio Ballio, and the pro-dean, Prof Adriana Baglioni, have kindly granted the access from 2005 to a large room for training and development at the Bovisa Campus of the Politecnico.
A LOT of friends of the team members helped A LOT to implement mechanical parts and to do many important things.
A special thank to Michele Ravazzani for the implementation of many robot bodies.
However, the main source of fundings for the team comes from projects where our technology is used, either before or after its adoption and development in MRT.
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