Middle-Size Robot League

Technical Challenges



Here are the challenges proposed for the 2002 competition. All the teams should face them. Also teams not participating to the tournament may participate to the challenge competition, which will award a special prize for technical achievement, independent from that of the tournament.

Challenge 1: ball control and planning

Two black cylinders (diameter 20 cm, height 60 cm) are put between the penalty kick points and the center point. The ball is put on the middle of the front line of a goal area, and a robot inside the same goal, wherever desired. The robot should dribble with the ball the two cylinders (the ball should go through the space between them), and then kick or bring the ball in the opposite goal. One point is given once the ball is completely passed between the cylinders, another point when the goal is scored, a last point for the best time. One penalty point is given each time that a robot moves a cylinder by direct contact. Maximum time is 90 seconds.

Challenge 2: cooperative behaviors

Teams should show a cooperative behavior between two robots. The selection of the activity to be performed is free, but it should last at most 90 seconds.
A jury will evaluate the quality of cooperation and cooperative behavior and will assign up to three points for each team.


Author: Andrea Bonarini
Last modified: December 5 15:26:05 CEST 2002