Middle-Size Robot League

Rules and Regulations


Rules Philosophy:

  1. RoboCup rules should not in any way describe the behavior of how the game is played. Rules should only ensure that a fair competition takes place, and encourage both technical and creative development.
  2. RoboCup rules should avoid to constrain the design of robots, including their mechanical construction, their use of sensory systems, communication equipment, etc., unless the constraints seem necessary to foster scientific progress or to ensure a fair competition.
    Example constraint: Global vision systems are not permitted in the middle size league.

Design Philosophy:

  1. Each team should design their robots without making interpretations or placing expectations on what other teams will do, what robots should look like, or how they will behave. Expecting other teams to comply with your own interpretations should be avoided.
  2. Each team is under no obligation to accommodate modifications to their own robots to suit other teams. Any such modification is by mutual consent only.

Organization of Rules:

Rules and regulations for RoboCup middle size robot league are given in three major sections:

Conflict Resolution Rules: In case of any conflict between laws and rules:

  1. Regulations specified as RoboCup Changes and Comments in the Fifa Laws section override FIFA Laws.
  2. Regulations specified as RoboCup Laws override any FIFA Laws, including RoboCup Changes and Comments.
  3. Regulations specified in Competition Rules override any FIFA Laws, including RoboCup Changes and Comments, and override any RoboCup Laws.

Official FIFA Laws include:

Additional RoboCup Laws include:

Competition Rules include:

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